Poodles have arrived at suecsjewelbox

It’s Poodle week, at suecsjewelbox.com  Just in are adjustable poodle rings in antique silver, antique bronze and gunfire black. We also have a range of necklaces with your favorite

poodle as a pendant.


I have found these some fun facts about poodles, thanks to PetMD.

Smarty Pants

The Poodle, for all it’s fashionista traits and trends, is actually hiding the brain of a geek. Dog geek, that is. In fact, the Poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds.


The Poodle may be a high class pooch, but it’s also great for                                                                                         people who suffer from dog allergies. Even better, they shed very                                                                                   little of their fur. Also, for those with sensitive noses, Poodles tend to                                                                           be odorless.

National Hero


Though the Poodle is famous throughout Europe, the French have loved the dog since the 1500s and have even made it their national dog! So it may be a good idea to refer to its highness as Le Poodle or Le Woof. However, if you get strange looks, don’t blame us …

The Great Halls of the Dogdom

The Poodle is not a newcomer to the halls of doggy fame. No way. In fact, it has been famous all the way back to, well, recorded history. The Poodle, being a noble and etch-worthy (the precursor to news-worthy) dog, was featured on both ancient Greek and                                                                                       Roman coins.


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